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A natural way of living, having a healthy lifestyle


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A natural way of living, having a healthy lifestyle.

In the spotlight

Homemade traditional plum jam (sugar free)

This jam is homemade and without sugar. It is sweetened with Stevia. Stevia is a plant, originally from South America, now also cultivated in Europe.

Absolutely biological, without addition of chemicals or any other foreign product..

The jam is seasonal and should be reserved now in winter to spring. Production is limited due to the limitation of fruit trees and the entire artisan preparation, which only takes place once a year.

All ingredients are cultivated on local site (plums and stevia) and everything is locally produced.

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Homemade herbs mixture

We are cultivating a lot of medicinal herbs like rosemary, mint, thyme, blueberries, but also collecting wild herbs like dandelion, nettle, horsetail, willow.

We made a lot of mixtures who can be used as infusion or/and tea.

Typical mixtures for:

Please contact us for all your requests. As all herbs are seasonal please make reservation now. As for the plum jam, the production is limited, so reserve now.

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High quality herbs and health supplements for you.

A wide range of natural products for your health.

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